Hot Tips of the month

Reasons to relish milk this summer

  1. Defensive wall for cancer.  Drinking milk lowers the risk of developing breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Calcium and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) present in milk and milk products acts as a protective component in colon cancer.

  2. Liver detox.  Turmeric milk is a natural liver detoxifier and blood purifier that boosts liver function. It supports liver and cleanses lymphatic system.

  3. Hangover remedy. Drink milk beforehand! Milk is said to line and protect stomach from alcohol. Also, drinking milk after a night out is thought to settle the stomach as it neutralizes acidity in alcohol.

  4. Acidity reduction. Drinking cold milk specifically provides relief from acidity.

  5. Beats stress. At end of the day, a glass of luke warm milk helps in reducing stress and relaxing the nerves.

  6. Treatment for sunburns. Milk is a great aid for sunburnt or suntanned skin. Just apply some buttermilk directly on your skin to sooth and heal sunburn.

  7. Boosts brain power. Intake of adequate milk will boost brain power. Adults consuming milk get better in memory tests.

  8. Treatment for dry skin. Apply milk on face and other affected areas, leave for about 15 minutes and then wash it off